What happens with matched betting if the sporting event ends in a draw

What happens with matched betting if the sporting event ends in a draw

Matched betting has become an increasingly popular technique in Bangladesh for securing risk-free profit from bookmaker bonuses and promotions. But what happens if after placing a back and lay bet, the match ends in a draw? Here I explain the various outcomes.

Matched betting refresher

First, a quick refresher on matched betting. The method involves placing a bet that covers all outcomes of a sporting event. For example, you can bet on both Team A and Team B to win. This is known as “backing” all outcomes.

To cover your losses, you also “lay” a bet on a betting exchange. By choosing the right stake amounts, you ensure the same profit no matter the match result. With draw being one potential outcome, how does this affect matched betting?

If you picked the draw

If you picked the draw as one of your backed outcomes, a drawn match simply means this bet wins. Your lay bet placed at the exchange would lose. But because the lay stake matches that of the back bet, your profits remain the same.

In this case, the entire matched betting process goes as normal. You secure your expected return regardless of the draw result.

If you didn’t pick the draw

Here is where complications can arise. If your backed bets only covered Team A and Team B winning, then a draw means both your back and lay bets lose. This results in a loss equal to the commission/fees charged by the exchange site for your lay bet.

While you don’t make the expected profit from the promotion in this case, you also don’t lose much money due to the exchange fees being relatively small. And matched betting across many bonuses still ends profitable.

So in summary, including the draw as a backed outcome when match betting removes any risks from a tied match. If you don’t include the draw, you make slightly less profit but losses are minimized due to the balanced back and lay stakes. Ultimately, avoiding risk is advisable for beginners, so pick the draw when you can!