Top trends in betting markets in Bangladesh

Top trends in betting markets in Bangladesh

The betting landscape in Bangladesh has been evolving rapidly over the past few years. With increasing internet penetration and affordability of smartphones, more Bangladeshis are now accessing online bookmakers and betting platforms. The rise of on-demand streaming has also enabled punters to easily follow matches and events. As the market grows, some interesting trends are emerging.

Cricket rules supreme

Cricket utterly dominates betting activity in Bangladesh. With national pride in the Tigers team and cricket’s status as the de facto national sport, most recreational punters in Bangladesh exclusively wager on cricket matches. Events like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League, and ICC tournaments garner particularly high betting interest alongside Bangladeshi international matches. Football draws some attention, but cricket captures over 80% of betting market share in Bangladesh.

In-play betting rising fast

While pre-match betting has long been popular, in-play betting on matches is becoming more commonplace. The ability to bet during matches allows punters to adjust stakes based on evolving situations. With cricket being a sport where momentum shifts are frequent, the thrill of in-play betting appeals. More local bookies now offer live betting, and global bookmakers like Betway report rapidly increasing in-play engagement from their Bangladeshi customer base.

Parimutuel betting losing appeal

Local parimutuel betting at racecourses used to be very popular across Bangladesh. However, attendance and betting handles have declined of late. Punters seem to prefer the simplicity, transparency and better odds of fixed-odds online bookmakers. Accusations of race-fixing and lack of trust have also pushed punters towards online options. This extends an existing trend of traditional parimutuel gambling formats losing appeal to youthful demographics.

Esports finally making a mark

Although still a niche interest, esports and video game betting is slowly attracting more young, tech-savvy punters. Big tournaments for games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike and FIFA often have betting markets priced up, especially on global bookies like Betway. Local platforms are cottoning on too, with sites like recently adding dedicated esports sections. The pandemic gave the niche segment a bump as sporting events were cancelled while esports continued. This niche betting market finally has momentum building.

In Conclusion

Bangladesh’s betting landscape is modernizing as internet and smartphone penetration increases. While cricket betting stays dominant, quick adoption of in-play and esports wagering shows enthusiasts are keen to engage with the latest online betting features. Declining interest in older-style gambling indicates new generations want transparency, value and innovation from bookmakers. The trends suggest Bangladeshi punters will continue migrating betting activity online to platforms giving them the best experience.