Our world has changed a lot and will never be the same again – lockdown has made its adjustments. Many people have switched to a remote format: this applies to both work and training. But even after lockdown ended, not everyone went back to their old lives. The emergence of new sports trends in 2022 is dictated primarily by convenience, comfort and health safety. About what awaits us in the fitness industry, tells a member of the International Federation of Functional Training, a speaker of international congresses Irina Garmash.

1.Online training

The pandemic led to the temporary closure of fitness clubs around the world, and trainers had to change the format of training. Online workouts were designed to allow you to work out at home, and these classes are available 24/7. It’s great that you can watch them from any device. Depending on their desire, everyone can choose either group workouts or personal training, depending on their needs.

2. Exercising with your own body weight

Today exercises with your own body weight are very popular in gyms. No special equipment is needed – just your desire. It is believed that for our muscles is safe weight, not exceeding the mass of our body. The load created by your own body has practically no contraindications. That is why exercises with your own weight are the most natural and safe. There are many exercises with your own weight, and in 2022 this trend will become a worldwide trend.

There are 4 basic rules that you should remember during your workout:

Don’t forget to breathe. 

Perform your exercises correctly. 

Take your time 

Give it your best. 

3. High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), is one of the most effective ways to fight extra pounds. Studies show that HIIT can lose up to six times more body fat than regular cardio.

Such workouts alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

This category may include exercise on a stationary bike, running, swimming, and boxing. High-interval workouts of just 15 minutes 3 times a week have the same fat-burning effect as an hour-long session on a treadmill. They are more relevant today than ever because of time constraints in big cities.

4. Flexibility workouts 

These workouts make the body more resilient, taut and attractive. Stretching in all forms is a great activity for working the connective tissue. Flexibility training improves coordination and restores the ability to coordinate the different parts of our body.

Flexibility workouts
Flexibility workouts

The main condition for achieving and maintaining flexibility is regularity. Exercise 3 times a week and your muscles and ligaments will become more elastic. This will improve your posture and reduce unnecessary muscle tension.

5. Outdoor exercise

Because of the quarantine, walking in the park, in the woods or outside has become an essential part of life. It’s a great way to stretch your muscles and cheer up. Running, yoga, barbell or TRX exercises are very relevant in 2022. Working outdoors doesn’t just improve your mood. In addition, your body will get more vitamin D. Working outdoors has a positive effect on your brain and is a great alternative to working out in fitness centers. Working outdoors can help you lose weight, build muscle mass and improve your physical fitness. The park is the perfect place to work out outdoors.