Five trends we borrowed from soccer

Five trends we borrowed from soccer

We decided to look back at how soccer affects our daily lives and what trends we have successfully adopted from this, perhaps, most popular ball game.

Soccer players are rightly considered to be true trendsetters. Their style, mannerisms and even hairstyles are copied by millions of fans around the world. For example, the Spanish national team captain Sergio Ramos at different times had diametrically opposed styles: long hair, super-short hairstyles, business casual and diagonal parted haircuts – the list goes on for quite some time. His looks are still setting trends for barbers around the world for years to come.


There is also a trend in soccer for a lot of tattoos all over the body. Among the main trendsetters here, of course, is David Beckham. His tattoos are real works of art, the meaning of which is discussed by all soccer fans. And although the former captain of the English national team has long ago completed his career as a player, he is still considered to be one of the most stylish and recognizable soccer players in the world. No wonder that his appearance is sought to be imitated by millions of soccer fans and not only.

Five trends we borrowed from soccer
David Beckham


Children are increasingly called the names of famous soccer players. Lionel in Argentina, Ronaldo in Brazil – here, it would seem, there is nothing surprising. It is very interesting that this trend is being picked up by parents in UK. So, after the 2018 World Cup, Manchester got its own Lionel-Messi.

Five trends we borrowed from soccer
Lionel Messi

Words and expressions

Soccer terms are actively penetrating into our everyday speech, and many of them have become an integral part of it. For example, it is now increasingly common to say “I’m out” when they don’t understand what’s going on, “I pass” when they don’t want to participate in something, and to complain that they got “benched” when they couldn’t participate in something. Also, the “backing up” can happen not just on the soccer field.


Today, elements of sportswear are quite acceptable for an office bow, and we can wear sneakers to almost any event. It is believed that it was soccer fans who became a kind of pioneers in the modern globalization of fashion. The so-called casual style of dress originated in the early 70’s as an alternative to the skinhead movement, and its ancestors were the fans of English soccer clubs Liverpool and Manchester United. Gradually this trend was picked up by the world’s leading brands and began to use it in their collections.